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Rewarding companies & consumers towards a cleaner future

We believe in tackling hard problems using creativity, optimism, and fun.

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Our Mission

eNZy’s mission is to be the economic catalyst for positive environmental change. We strive to bring profitability, convenience, integrity, and fun in the fight against climate change. We believe in accelerating sustainable change through rewarding companies and consumers for doing good.  


Our Vision

 We envision a sustainable future, which is financially prosperous for businesses and consumers.

Our Why


We make it easy to follow a company's sustainability commitment and journey.


We make sustainability the practical option for both consumers and companies. Through our lucrative rewards, the more green you go, the more rewards you achieve!


"We’ve got to consciously start taking responsibility for the kind of world we want to live in now, as well as for the kind we hope to hand to our children and grandchildren.”

- Ray C. Anderson, Founder of Interface

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