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We showcase your brand's sustainability efforts!

Whether you are a local store, restaurant, or enterprise business, eNZy's personalized platform ensures that your brand receives necessary customer insights, increased sales, and, most importantly, increased customer loyalty! 

Why eNZy?


Personalized Dashboard

When you partner with eNZy you will received a personalized business dashboard. Understand purchasing behavior of your consumer base and consumers alike. Easily create new promotions, and see first hand how they pay off!

No strings attached

When you win, the planet wins. eNZy aims to drive more profitability for your business. You decide your reward structure, and only pay eNZy when there's a linked sale from our platform. You can be sure that a partnership with eNZy is the right move for your business.

Tell your sustainability story

eNZy tells the story about your sustainability journey, initiatives, progress and commitments. eNZy accelerates positive environmental change by increasing the competitive edge that companies deserve for going green.

Want to Learn More?

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