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The Founding Story of eNZy

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Hi everyone! My name is Frankie, and I'm the cofounder of eNZy. I currently reside in Atlanta, GA with my beautiful fiancé, Kenzie, and our 100 lbs Great Pyrenees, Reggie.

I love to learn new things, play golf, run long distances, and explore amazing places on our planet!

My hope is to share my imperfect journey and how it lead me to where I am today. My goal is to inspire creativity, optimism, and fun along the way!

My Imperfect Journey

I studied environmental biology at Tulane University in the incredible city of New Orleans. I was lucky enough to work alongside brilliant peers and professors, and spent hours studying the beauty and fragility of nature, and it's importance to the well-being of each individual living in New Orleans.

There is two fascinating aspects of New Orleans that stick with me today:

  1. New Orleans has a bowl-like geography, which makes it susceptible to storm surges and flooding. It's surrounded by marshes and swamp land that act as a buffer against hurricanes and slow the flow of water. These wetlands are inhabited by a diverse array of wildlife (which are amazing to study first hand), and are crucial to maintaining the health of the ecosystem that protects the city.

  2. The people of New Orleans are intoxicatingly (pun-intended) positive and resilient. There's a magic in the city that breathes so much life and light, which is particularly amazing knowing the hardships that the city has faced.

A photo from a swamp taken during my studies in New Orleans.

My time in New Orleans inspired my passion for preserving our natural world, and it allowed me to discover the power of humanity to be vibrant, resilient, and optimistic in the wake of the toughest challenges.

In 2017, I decided to act on my new-found passion to preserve our natural environment. I watched countless climate change documentaries and took to the internet to discover lifestyle changes that would align with my passion.

I quickly discovered that so much of my habitual lifestyle (from my diet to my purchasing behavior, and even my favorite hobbies) went against the framework of living sustainably, and I was filled with a sense of guilt of how much my lifestyle contributed to the climate issues that we face.

I implemented as many changes as I could, including limiting my meat intake and reducing single-use plastics as much as possible, but as a young professional focused on jumpstarting my career, maintaining these new behaviors was far from easy.

I spoke with professors and peers about my desire to live more sustainably, and quickly found that I was not alone in my fleeting undertaking of a more sustainable lifestyle. Everyone dealt with their own struggles of juggling everyday life and remaining conscious of everyday habits.

I discovered that the angst, guilt, and fear was not benefiting me in the slightest. When I experienced these feelings, I spent more time justifying my behavior than creating real lasting change. I found that in order to inspire change, I needed to focus on what there is to gain (not lose) from this change.

From Dread and Fear to Hope and Optimism

Over the course of my career, I've had the privilege of working for incredible companies, alongside amazing people, partnering with inspiring businesses. I witnessed first hand how new technology can transform the most antiquated industries, and make life easier and better for people and businesses.

Business has been at the center piece of the climate discussion, and many believe that corporations and the environment cannot thrive simultaneously. I choose an alternate perspective.

Businesses have, and always will, respond to people's behavior, and it's clear that consumers are changing for the better. In 2023, we have a new type of consumer. Recent studies have shown that 82% of consumers want brands to embrace sustainable and community driven practices, and businesses are responding.

Every single day we are seeing developments from brands of all shapes and sizes taking action to lower their footprint and leave this planet better than they found it. And there is no sign of this slowing down any time soon.

Enter eNZy

Over the last few years, I've asked myself how I can inspire meaningful change in a way that focuses on fun, convenience, creativity, and optimism (all of the things that I struggled with when I began my sustainability journey).

I sat down with my older brother at the beginning of last year and mapped out the obstacles that stop consumers from living sustainably. Through our research, conversations with people, and reflection, we identified that the three major obstacles holding people back are convenience, awareness, and costs.

We knew that if we could build a platform that made shopping sustainably easy, lucrative, trustworthy, and fun, we could create a catalyst whereby people and businesses perpetually benefit from doing the right thing. So we decided to build a mobile application that does just that.

We are hard at work developing our platform, and partnering with some of the most amazing brands in the world, which are creating real sustainable change. We cannot wait to bring eNZy to fruition and help every day people like you and I live an impactful life that's rewarding and fun.

We would love for you to join us in this movement and this imperfect journey. I would love to hear personally from you about your experiences trying to make this world a better place than we found it!

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